About Skyblue

Skyblue is a research consultancy with a passion for providing evidence that enables change for organisations or people. With over 50 years combined experience, Skyblue can add value wherever people or skills are involved. Whether we are using insight to improve programmes, or evaluating the impact of investments; the Skyblue team will use every ounce of their experience and expertise to your advantage. When advising on corporate structure or governance, generating business or commercial strategies or advising on evaluation frameworks; the team will look beyond the expected, and deliver with independence and rigour.

Our research can work at many valuable levels:


for individuals …. to help them better their situation

for communities…. to help them become stronger

for organisations…. to help them be more effective

for society… to encourage greater equality of opportunity

for industry sectors….to help improve their skills base

for local economies…..to help them perform better

Our values

Skyblue is a strongly values driven organisation, and we apply those principles to all the work we do. 

Respect – we will respect the opinion and expertise of our client, and the views of all respondents who volunteer information to support this evaluation process. We will be courteous, polite, engaging and empathetic in our approach to the commission.

Excellence – we wish to provide an excellent piece of work for you that you will be proud to be associated with; and that will stand up to internal and external scrutiny. Because our respective reputations are also important, it is vital that the work is credible, forward-thinking and reliable, given the objectives for the evaluation.

Friendship – although perhaps a strange value to aspire to, in the context of this evaluation, this means that Skyblue will approach this work with a view to a longer term, productive and collaborative relationship. It will characterise our dealings with you and how we conduct ourselves with your staff.

Determination – once we have made a decision to tender for a project we really are determined to do our very best to win it, and deliver it to the highest standards. We appreciate that it will be important to show determination and drive to ensure it has a successful outcome. 

Inspiration – we are not the kind of consultancy team that waits to be told what to do; we expect you to expect us to be forward-thinking, contemporary in our knowledge of relevant agendas for this work, and be committed to bringing a freshness of approach or insight that our client might not have been able to derive for themselves.