Construction, the built environment and supply chains

Our research helps match the supply of training with demand for skills in the construction workforce.

Typically our studies help clients develop business cases for investment that enables them to secure training for their sector’s particular needs, most recently including roofing and construction plant hire.

We also complete thematic studies for the benefit of the wider industry:

  • how to encourage more collaborative working on sites using BIM/digital construction
  • what construction SMEs need to do to undertake effective CSR and attract more quality applicants to their business
  • how to reduce defects and errors to increase productivity
  • how more construction firms can engage with the energy efficiency market opportunity in the UK
  • what market opportunities there are to increase the take up of training products or introduce new ones

Our clients expect us to understand the complex employment arrangements in the sector including direct employment, indirect and labour only employment through different supply chains.

We are experienced in devising skills and training plans for large infrastructure projects where there is a high demand for construction, civil engineering, STEM and nuclear-related jobs and skills.

Our most published work relates to our ongoing research in the home building sector and its supply chain where we continue to support the ambitions of the UK’s first ever Home Building Skills Partnership.