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Major Infrastructure Projects

From High Speed 2 and railway engineering projects, to the Nuclear New Build Programme, to the largest tunnelling project since Victorian times, to flood defence interventions to major Highways investments – there is a huge requirement for skilled labour with the right skills, attitudes and behaviours at the right time. A huge surge in home building also presents significant requirements and future job opportunities across the country that demands an urgent strategic and tactical response.

Where growth is expected as a result of very high profile major projects, Skyblue is proactive in getting involved to help support early investment planning specifically in relation to human capital. Our experience includes:

  • Helping develop major project skills and employment strategies and plans to identify how many people are needed when, with what skills and training in line with the overall, long term build and operation (sometimes up to 12 years in terms of construction)
  • Writing investment and business cases that enable major projects to leverage the support of public sector mainstream sources to encourage the achievement of stretching apprenticeship, diversity and health and safety targets above and beyond legal, contractual compliance or consents
  • Completing major contractor and supply chain research in order to understand what support they need in order to more effectively compete for major project contracts

Successful Investment Cases


Successful investment cases for the construction industry’s engagement with rail, High Speed 2 and nuclear new build programmes to maximise use of levy and support the industry’s supply chains to connect with procurement opportunities

Legacy Review

Legacy Review of the approach to the construction of the London 2012 Olympic Park and what can be learned from the approach to workforce deployment and retention through that experience to inform similar mega events in future.

Skills Review


A comprehensive review of skills and employment co-investment opportunities to support the construction of the Thames Tideway Tunnel    

Strategic Partnership Agreement


Strategic partnership agreement design to encourage the recruitment of unemployed people, apprentices and people at labour market disadvantage to the job opportunities likely to be presented by major projects