Saving lives, saving the planet

Our consultancy supports charities, foundations and trusts to more confidently measure their contribution to the things that matter most, people and the environment.

We focus on developing their impact practice, extend their measurement capacity, and support with research capacity.

We focus our consultancy around Theory of Change and developing wider impact frameworks – typically with at least a five year horizon.

We provide operational capacity building services that tackle different challenges:

  • supporting animal charities to strengthen the evidence they gather on owner outcomes
  • answering the ‘why are we here?’ question for charities through engaging staff workshops
  • developing insightful case studies in animal hospitals that really bring out customer voices
  • writing an evaluation plan for a leading animal charity, then guiding the senior team through a workshop to frame their next strategy.
  • supporting a significant private funder develop their impact capability and test new operating models

We also provide operational capacity to augment existing measurement approaches; for instance through observation, depth interviews, focus groups and learning workshops.