Independent Evaluation

  • Helping you demonstrate the success of your project, programme, service or grants programme.

  • Helping you identify the difference made by your intervention.

  • Helping you calculate the value and quality of your initiative and effort.

  • Helping you continually improve by learning from what works well and what does not.


 Social Research

  • Helping you learn about people and societies that are relevant to your ambitions.

  • Helping you understand what matters to people so you can co-design solutions with confidence.

  • Helping you examine attitudes and beliefs of people from diverse backgrounds and situations.

  • Helping you identify effective ways to encourage enduring, social capital.


Impact Practice

  • Helping you develop in-house skills to ‘plan, do, assess and review’ everything to do with impact.

  • Helping you develop an impact framework and a planned approach to evidence collection.

  • Helping you communicate reliable and valid results that withstand professional scrutiny.

  • Helping you become more investable by demonstrating your effectiveness as an organisation.