Turning insight, evidence and ideas into action


Organisational Change

  • Helping clients write brand new, or updated, corporate strategies and business plans
  • Helping clients put in place appropriate governance structures for their organisation
  • Undertaking and overseeing options appraisal for changes to constitution or business form e.g. from a hosted public sector organisation to an independent charity

Human Resources

  • Staff satisfaction surveying, consultation and analysis
  • Learning and Development evaluations
  • Measurement of the impact and Return on Investment (ROI), Return on Expectation (ROE) or Return on Learning (ROL)
  • Helping clients design purposeful and achievable health and wellbeing strategies for their workforce linked to healthy workplace best practice
  • Helping clients translate ‘values’ (such as respect and integrity) into measurable competencies that can be used in performance management and appraisal processes


  • Visioning ‘Away Days’ with Boards or SMTs to refocus business strategy and future resourcing
  • Training to enable new capabilities such as investment or commissioning approaches or approaches to measuring impact and communicating that to stakeholders
  • Development of Corporate and Divisional Action Plans linked to business KPIs

KPIs & Impact Frameworks

  • Monitoring and Evaluation Framework design to enable measurement of business progress against an agreed set of outcomes
  • Balanced Scorecard approaches to help identify KPIs and KPOs for any organisation
  • Logic modelling to assist with the measurement of the effectiveness of any given investment or activity linked to outcome measures (indicators) 

Customer Insight

  • User and non-user opinion research to understand loyalty or detractor behaviours
  • Customer research to enable practical quality improvement planning and effective marketing

Bid Writing

  • Helping clients develop business cases and bids for funding or investment in their initiatives 
  • Putting in place sustainability plans beyond pump-prime funded initiatives so that things that really work can continue


  • Evaluation of CSR Programmes
  • Evaluation of business-community projects  


  • Market testing as part of the product development lifecycle
  • Product and service effectiveness and innovation reviews
  • Market research to understand any given product or service’s relative market position 
  • Competitor research