Vocational education & training and HR

Our research seeks to ensure that vocational education and training can deliver worthwhile outcomes for businesses and individual learners.

This often means completing surveys and qualitative research with companies of different sizes in different sectors.

Sometimes our research focuses on what skills are needed by those already in a job or career to recommend how any gaps in their competence can be filled through learning and development.

At other times we focus on those starting or refreshing their career including apprentices, school and college leavers, graduates, career-changers, military service leavers, unemployed people and refugees.

Our work can also be very strategic to help clients translate vocational education and training policy into programmes they can be confident will make an impact should they invest in them.

We also complete thematic studies including:

  • how large companies can optimise the Apprenticeship Levy
  • how partners can develop joint skills, employment and training action plans in local or devolved areas
  • how partners can develop sector specific skills strategies and action plans
  • how occupational competence can be increased through more focused and contemporary standards
  • what market opportunities there are to increase take up of standards and qualifications or introduce new ones

Our clients come to us wanting to achieve greater value from their work. We help them develop impact frameworks, with appropriate indicators and evidence collection plans. We can also calculate the return on investment of training initiatives.

We have published a guide to evaluating training which can be applied by most organisations in most contexts.