Stronger Communities and social action 

Our research aims to help communities become more connected through effective social action.

We help our clients better understand what is important to people in their local areas in order that services can be co-designed and community-led.

We focus our consultancy on ABCD (asset based community development) helping community anchor organisations and local VCSE partnerships become stronger and more sustainable.

We provide operational capacity building services that tackle different challenges:

  • how to improve vulnerable people’s lives tackling loneliness and isolation through the use of digital technology
  • how to develop community champions who go on to inspire social action in their localities
  • how to retain local libraries through community action and asset transfer
  • how to support families and parenting through effective community peer networks and support
  • how to develop community hubs that really engage with the wants and needs of a local area

As well as supporting local community organising through training and consultation activity, our consultancy can also be strategic, for example providing advice on how local authorities can put in place long term investment programmes to help communities increasingly help themselves. We help them devise the investment programme focus and principles, outcomes required and impact measurement approach. We have expertise in helping evaluate these types of intervention and measure the contribution made to improved well-being, reduced inequalities and social connectedness.