Welcome to the evaluation portal for the Home Building Skills Partnership

The Home Builders Federation (HBF) has launched a skills infrastructure programme to promote and support workforce development across the industry. The Home Building Skills Partnership (HBSP) will operate nationally and has partnership funding to enable it to develop and operate for the next 4 years as it moves to a longer-term sustainable programme fully supported across the Homebuilding Industry.

Current partners include HBF, CITB, NHBC, FMB and a number of developers, homebuilders and supply chain companies to provide a cross section of industry perspectives and ensure the wider views and needs are addressed. The purpose and objective of the HBSP is:

“To develop, grow and sustain a national Partnership programme to promote and support workforce development across the home building sector.”

A vital part of the Partnership will be to learn from the collaboration that it should stimulate in the industry and this is why Skyblue has been commissioned to undertake an ongoing independent evaluation of the HBSP as it evolves and grows. Please revisit this site from time to time to see what is being achieved and what lessons are being learned.


The Project is supported by CITB’s Structured Fund